Dr. Cindy and Community Veterinary Services

Monthly Clinic Schedule



Monthly Schedule

RABIES $20 (free exam)

No appointment needed

    (Cash or checks only) no debit or credit cards.

Outside Booth #18 – North of C Building

March Waldo Schedule
Sunday March 1st
Saturday March 7th
Sunday March 8th
Sunday March 15th
Sunday March 22nd
Sunday March 29th
LAKE BUTLER (third Saturday of the month)
Lakeside Park
The City has kindly allowed us to use this spot but dogs are not permitted in the Park. Please be gracious and don't walk your dog into the park.
9AM to 1PM
Saturday March 21st
Saturday April 18th
BROOKER   (second Saturday of the month)
Route 18 by the old K & Z Peddlers

no scheduled Brooker clinic at this time
Route 18 by the old K & Z Peddlers

Also available:

Distemper/parvovirus (DHPP) $30

Bordatella $20

Heartworm tests $40

Feline (cat) FVRCPP (4:1)  $30

Deworming  $10

Preventative Prescription Medication in stock in the Clinic:

6 packs Tri Heart Plus

(heartworm prevention)

up to 25 pounds:  $30  (single dose $5)

26 to 50 pounds:  $40  (single dose $10)

51 to 100 pounds: $50 (single dose $10)

6 packs Sentinel:

(heartworm and flea prevention)

2 - 10 pounds       $55     (single dose $20)

11 - 25 pounds     $60     (single dose $20)

26 - 50 pounds     $70     (single dose $25)

51 to 100 pounds $85     (single dose $25)

Trifexis 6 packs (heartworm prevention + Comfortis)

$160      5 - 10 pounds        (single dose $35)

$165      10 - 20 pounds      (single dose $40)

$170      20 - 40 pounds      (single dose $40)

$175      40 - 60 pounds      (single dose $40)

$180      60 - 120 pounds    (single dose $45)

Comfortis 6 packs: (flea prevention)

5 - 10 lbs        $130    (single dose $30)

10 - 20 lbs      $135    (single dose $30)

20 - 40 lbs      $135    (single dose $30)

40 - 60 lbs      $140    (single dose $35)

60 - 120 lbs    $145  (single dose $35)

Prescriptions available for any products we don't carry at Vets First Choice Pet Pharmacy!

Cindy Rosenfeld, DVM
Community Veterinary Services                      
Mobile Vet Clinic                                                       
PO Box 358002

Gainesville, Florida 32635
 (352) 485-2520
(e mail)

Clinic Day Emergency Phone Number:



schedule also updated on Gainesville Craigs List

under Community and Pets every Friday



"Well I went to Dr. Cindy the vet and got a shot and I didn't even feel it."


If your pet is having a vaccine reaction on a clinic day - first call Dr. Cindy right away at the clinic day phone number:

(352) 317-8700

If Dr. Cindy is not available or if you are having a night time emergency then please call:

Blue Pearl Emergency Clinic at:

(352) 373-4444

After hours Emergency Clinic is in Gainesville behind Home Depot off Tower Road.  Their address:

7314 W. University Ave, Gainesville

So what is a true vaccine reaction?  The pet has one or a combination of these things: swelling of the face, hives, vomiting, trouble breathing.  A real vaccine reaction happens within the first hour or so after a vaccine and it can be a true emergency.  If its the next day and your pet feels sore and grumpy that is not usually a true vaccine reaction.  Please read the  Home Care Instructions After Vaccines in the Resources/Pet Handouts Section you see above.

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