Dr. Cindy and Community Veterinary Services

HOLIDAY TIPS from Dr. Cindy

Please DO NOT give your pets Holiday foods. Spiced ham, gravy, creamed green beans with almonds (yum!) and anything with flavorings, sauces or spices is off limits. These foods cause diarrhea. It's OK to put some plain meat, potato or pasta aside for them before you flavor it.

If your adult dog does get diarrhea that has slime and a bit of blood in it don't panic. Here's what I want you to do: do not feed them anything for about 4 hours. They can have all the water they want but nothing to eat not even a milk bone. Let the digestive tract heal.  Then offer a small amount of boiled chicken and white rice to their regular dog food for a day or so. The diarrhea should subside.

Poisonous to dogs:

grapes, raisins
xylitol (artificial sweetener in candies)
and NO people foods unless it's plain! No sauces, spices or flavorings. (It causes diarrhea).

Toxic to Cats:


Dangerous to Cats:

Tinsel and all stringy things

Dangerous to Dogs and Cats:
Open doors they can run out of the house through.

OK Let's Talk About Diarrhea in Dogs

 Holidays can be a tough time for pets. All that delicious cooking they are not supposed to be eating. Adult dogs that have diarrhea with slime and even specs of blood have colitis. Don't panic. This is usually caused by something they ate that they should not have or a sudden change in foods. Maybe you ran out of one brand of dog food and switched to another type or the dog got into the garbage or ate from your family barbecue or Holiday meal.

 The at home treatment for this is:

 1. Fast your dog for 4 to 6 hours. No food not even milk bones or treats. They can have all the water they want but no food.

 2. Then the next food is plain boiled chicken (spiced ham is just not plain food) and white rice. No flavorings not even salt. Over the next day or so you can add their regular dog food in.

 3. The diarrhea should go away in a day or so but if it continues they need to come see Dr. Cindy.


Diarrhea with blood that is pure blood is much more serious. These dogs especially puppies need to see the veterinarian right away.

Intestinal parasites like hookworms can also cause diarrhea with mucous and blood so as soon as you can bring your dog to Dr. Cindy. Lets be sure they are fully dewormed and on heartworm prevention which also prevents hookworms and roundworms.

 And please remember - no table food for the dog. (Giving people food with spices and flavorings for a long time can cause pancreatitis and in dogs this is a horrible illness.) It's OK to give plain meat with no flavoring or sauces. Try cooking a bit of meat separately for the dog.

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