COVID-19 Page

Dogs and cats do not get sick from this Coronavirus (COVID-19).  However, if a person has the virus they should not be petting, hugging and kissing their pets. (Wow - that's a lot to ask.) This could allow the virus to get on the pet's fur or skin and then someone else handles the pet possibly spreading it around.  So let someone else take care of the animals if at all possible.

For information on Pets and COVID-19 here is and excellent page from the CDC
(Centers for Disease Control)

Dr. Cindy for many years worked at spay and neuter clinics. We always wore face masks (and surgical gowns and gloves) for the entire time we were in surgery. The face masks protected our surgery patients (your pets) from any germs we might exhale. Those germs could get into the incision and could cause a terrible infection. It didn't protect us from the patients.  So, please understand that wearing a face mask protects others from you! Information is clear that asymptomatic COVID-19 infected people are the #1 spreaders of the virus.

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