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Low Cost Vet Clinic

Rabies $20  Exam is Always Free

No Appointment needed

  (Cash or checks only) no debit or credit cards.

                        Next Clinic Date      
               Due to injury we are still unable
             to open our weekend walk in clinics. 
Apologies for the inconvenience and as soon as we can re-open the date will be posted.
If you need refills on medications use the Contact Us button above or email us and a prescription for home delivery will be made available.

     Cash or checks only.
No credit or debit cards please. Having your payment method ready can help us keep things moving along. We really appreciate that!


Rabies $20

Distemper/Parvovirus (DHPP) $30

Deworming $10

Heartworm Test $40

Bordatella $20

Feline Distemper (FVRCPP) $30


Prescription Medication in stock in the Clinic:

6 packs Tri Heart Plus

(heartworm prevention)

up to 25 pounds:  $30  (single dose $5)

26 to 50 pounds:  $40  (single dose $10)

51 to 100 pounds: $50 (single dose $10)

6 packs Sentinel:

(heartworm and flea prevention)

2 - 11 pounds       $55     (single dose $20)

11 - 25 pounds     $60     (single dose $20)

26 - 50 pounds     $75     (single dose $25)

51 to 100 pounds $90     (single dose $25)

Trifexis 6 packs (heartworm prevention + Comfortis)

$165      5 - 10 pounds        (single dose $35)

$165      10 - 20 pounds      (single dose $40)

$170      20 - 40 pounds      (single dose $40)

$175      40 - 60 pounds      (single dose $40)

$180      60 - 120 pounds    (single dose $45)

Comfortis 6 packs: (flea prevention)

5 - 10 lbs      $135    (single dose $30)

10 - 20 lbs    $140    (single dose $30)

20 - 40 lbs    $145    (single dose $30)

40 - 60 lbs    $150    (single dose $35)

60 - 120 lbs  $155    (single dose $35)

Prescriptions available for anything we do not carry at our online home delivery pharmacy - Vets First Choice.

Dr. Cindy's goal is to bring affordable low cost veterinary services to our rural communities around the Gainesville area by being an alternative to high priced animal hospitals. There are regularly scheduled Clinics in Lake Butler and The Waldo Farmers and Flea Market.

All Clinics are "walk in" so no appointment is needed.

Weekend Clinic information is also updated every Friday at: 


For the full Clinic Schedule click MONTHLY CLINIC SCHEDULE on the top of this web page.

 Welcome to our Clinic!  Doodles and friends in the Clinic doorway.

  Cindy Rosenfeld, DVM
Phone: (352) 485-2520
                                         Email: cindrs@aol.com


Avoid delays: Picking up medication at the Clinic? Save time and call or email ahead or use the Contact Us button above! and we will have it ready for you. Be sure to say your human name, the pet's name, what medication you want and how much! Thank you!

SAVE YOUR PAPERWORK! If your pet receives a rabies vaccination you will get a Certificate of Vaccination as proof. Also your receipt will show what other vaccinations and testing we've done for you. Some folks have a really nice folder for all their pet records.

If you are having an EMERGENCY on a day you have been to the Clinic call Dr. Cindy's Cell Phone:  352 317-8700.  If it is not a Clinic day please see the Emergencies tab above for lots more information!

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    We hope to be seeing cats again soon!

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